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Kelty Green River Tents

            The Kelty Green River tent series combines two traditions in one neat package. First, there’s a tent with enough sleeping space for the family, a staple of the American camping trip. Then, there’s the screened-in porch, reminiscent of countless homes across the country. It’s a great place to relax after dinner, play a board game with the kids, or just stash those fishing rods and muddy sneakers.
Tent Features
            The most noticeable part of the Kelty Green River tent group is the large screened-in vestibule. It’s actually an extension of the rain fly, but includes two windows with pull-down shades for privacy or warmth in cooler weather. The tent itself is designed to be comfortable in three seasons and includes all of Kelty’s standard tent features. Setup is easy with clip-sleeve construction and color-coded poles, and although the tent is freestanding there are external guyout points for added stability. Tent fabric is nylon taffeta and the floor is waterproofed; seams are taped and Kelty’s ArcEdge construction keeps those seams up off the ground as well. Finally, the ceiling is mesh for lots of air circulation.
Four-Person Tent
            This is the smaller of the two Kelty Green River tents. The floor area measures 9x9 feet, or 81 square feet, while the vestibule offers 43.6 square feet in a layout that is slightly less than six feet deep and narrows from nine feet wide at the tent to about 3.5 feet wide at the door.   It provides about six feet of headroom at its peak, and sets up with just four fiberglass poles.
Green River 6 Tent
            Made for a larger group, this version of the Kelty Green River tent will sleep up to six adult campers, providing all their gear is outside in the vestibule or in an overhead gear loft.   Floor space occupies 121 square feet in a 9x13.5-foot layout, and the 83-square-foot vestibule is about 7.5 feet deep, 13.5 feet wide at the tent, and 5.5 feet wide at the door. This tent also goes up easily with just four shock-corded fiberglass poles and stands about 6.5 feet at the highest point.
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