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Kelty Tent Review

Honest Look at ArcEdge Construction: floor space, polyester ripstop rainfly, polyurethane-coated floors

            How do you know you’re really getting a good tent? You can’t set it up and camp out overnight in the sporting goods store, and if you try it out and don’t like it, you might not be able to return it. However, you can go online and find dozens of tent reviews by campers, magazines, and websites dedicated to camping. Still, that’s time consuming, so we’ve tried to consolidate some of that information into a general Kelty tent review.
Weather Worthiness
            Kelty tent reviews by campers almost universally report that their tent held up to wind and rain in excellent fashion, with little or no water inside the tent. Kelty tents come with polyurethane-coated floors that are installed with Kelty’s ArcEdge construction, which means the floor seams are up off the ground so water can’t leak through, and the seams are also taped. Each tent’s polyester ripstop rainfly is also waterproofed and resists stretching when wet so the fly remains taut. On most tents the fly attaches with side-release buckles to hold it securely and guyout points also add stability in the wind.
Tent Size
            Our Kelty tent review finds most campers agree that Kelty tents are not as large as the name implies. For example, the Yellowstone 6 tent, designed for six people, is really more comfortable with four or five. Our online research showed that in Kelty’s diagrams a tent for six does fit six, but they’re packed in like sardines. This is true for all sizes except those tents meant for one. Still many Kelty tents also have a vestibule, or two, for gear, as well as organizer pockets and gear loft loops, which frees up floor space in the tent for all those people.
Customer Service
            This Kelty tent review shows a positive rating on this subject. Most campers who have had problems with their Kelty tent have had a very good experience with the company’s customer service. Defective or broken parts, even those broken by the consumer, have been replaced at no cost (except shipping), and phone representatives have been courteous and helpful. 
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