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Make Solar Panels from Scratch for RV's, Camping, and Backpacking Electricity Generators

If you camp or use an RV on a regular basis, you may be able to make a solar panel work for you. This means you can save money on electrical charges as well as have electricity even when you’re nowhere near an outlet.
To actually make your solar panel from scratch, you’ll need some basic understanding of wiring and how these panels collect energy from the sun’s rays. Typically copper flashing is used to make a solar panel from scratch. You need to be sure it’s perfectly cleaned; a good scrubbing with a wire brush or fine sandpaper can do the trick.
Solar Panel Installation Safety Tips
The copper flashing needs to be “cooked” to create an oxide coating. To make a solar panel from scratch, be careful about putting the flashing over a flame. Some even prefer to do this outside for safety. Another sheet of copper flashing is clipped over this and these are set in the sun. You can clip these to a meter which reads how much power you’re generating. 
This is a very basic and rudimentary way to make a solar panel; typically it’s best to buy a kit so that you don’t do any damage when you wire the panels to a generator. A kit may include the panels themselves, wires, and even the generator. They may also include the housing for the kit, a soldering iron, and everything else needed to make a solar panel from scratch.
Solar Panels for Backpacking, Rving, Camping or All 3!
When you make solar panels you can use them when camping or using an RV as these are typically the perfect size for backpacking or for hooking up to your trailer. This means you can have electricity wherever you want and not need to worry about being near an outlet.
Many also make solar panels as a way to “go green” and cut down on the amount of pollution they create. Whatever your reasons, being able to make a solar panel from scratch can mean money saved and the ease and convenience of electricity wherever you need it, even when camping.
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