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Camping with a Portable Hammock for Comfort Makes for Easier and Lighter Travel

            Taking a portable hammock along on a camping trip is the best of all worlds. You’re outdoors, in a quiet (you hope!) setting, enjoying nature to its fullest while gently rocking in a comfortable hammock. Unfortunately, most hammocks (or at least hammock stands) are just too heavy and cumbersome to travel easily. And counting on trees being just the right distance apart at your campsite may be a bit of wishful thinking. Here’s where a portable hammock comes in handy.
Kalisto All-in-One Portable Hammock
            All-in-one is an apt description for this portable hammock. It’s comfortably sized for one adult at three feet wide by about eight feet in overall length and holds up to 250 pounds, but that’s not its only feature. This hammock also includes a removable adjustable canopy that flips from one side to the other as the sun moves, an insulated storage pouch/cooler, a mesh cup holder, and a magazine holder. Its three-step assembly requires no tools, and it all fits in the included carry bag with padded shoulder straps.
Mac Sports Heavenly Slumber Hammock
            If you worry about falling out of a tipping hammock you might like this portable hammock better. Instead of just one chain at each end, there’s one at each corner giving the bed more stability. The polyester bed, which measures three feet by about six feet, is soft yet weather resistant, and the powder-coated steel frame collapses and sets up easily. There’s also an attached mesh sling underneath for your gear. The whole hammock weighs about 24 pounds and fits in the included carry bag.
Kelsyus XL Portable Hammock
            This portable hammock is 15-percent larger than the standard one-person portable hammock, so it’s good for anyone who likes a bit more room—or even some company—while lounging. It will support up to 300 pounds and is just over nine feet long, yet it takes only minutes to set up. In addition, the green nylon bed is weather resistant and the gray steel tubing frame folds up easily to fit in the included carry bag.
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