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RV Dealer Insurance - From Worker's Comp to Loss and Theft to Errors & Omissions and Liability

If you’re thinking of setting up business as an RV dealer one of your major concerns has to be RV dealer insurance. While some people look at insurance companies as legalized bookies, you can’t do business without adequate coverage. Think of it as protecting your investment. You can scrape by for the first couple of years of your new business, and then start to turn a reasonable profit, only to lose it all with just one customer’s slip on an icy patch in the corner of your lot. Not to mention what could happen if the brakes fail on that motor home overhaul your mechanics just finished up last week. RV Dealer Insurance coverage could include 'errors and omissions', open lot and garage liability, and RV rental insurance.
Specialized Insurance Coverage
            In addition to the insurance basics that are common to all types of businesses, such as workers’ compensation, RV dealer insurance has some specialized features. There’s Dealer’s Errors and Omissions coverage, which protects you against a mistake in your calculations or forgetting to mention what the tires’ air pressure should be. You’ll also need Dealers Open Lot insurance to cover your inventory since most of it sits outside all the time; this protects against losses incurred by fires, thefts, and floods, among other disasters. It also covers your RVs while in transit to shows or auctions.
Garage Liability
            One of the most important types of RV dealer insurance is Garage Liability coverage. This covers everything from the garage premises and operations to products and completed repairs. Examples of typical claims might include a complaint of employee discrimination, a fall by a customer, or claims regarding faulty parts or service. Garage Keepers’ insurance is separate; it covers customers’ vehicles left in the care of your service center.
Rental Insurance
            If you offer RVs or trailers for rent then rental RV dealer insurance is critical as it covers both your business and your customer. Although a driver can add an RV rental insurance binder to his auto insurance, it’s simpler to purchase insurance as part of the rental agreement. This way your RV is covered for damage, you and the renter are covered for liability, and the renter is protected should there be an accident.
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