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RV Electronics and RV Equipment for Satellite

When you go camping in your RV, what would you consider to be necessary RV electronics? Most of even the rugged campers find they cannot go without a television and radio when in their RV, but there is much more to the list of electronics you must have when in your RV. 
For example, how will your TV receive signals? Obviously you won't be hooked up to cable when in the wilderness and rarely will a plain antenna get those signals. Typically necessary RV electronics will include a satellite dish of some sort in order to receive those signals for your television.
A satellite dish can also mean receiving internet signals so that you can stay in touch and browse the web even when camping. A satellite package can mean getting not just television and internet but satellite radio as well. This is a necessary part of RV electronics for most today.
To get a satellite dish and reception, remember you'll need the following:
o       A permanent satellite dish hooked up properly to your RV. This means it should be in a weatherproof casing and all cables protected as well. If you have a permanent dish, you don't need to move your satellite dish from home every time you use your RV.
o       If you don't want a permanent satellite dish, you'll need a portable dish as part of your RV electronics. There are many available even at your local camping supply store.
o       A satellite receiver, which takes those signals the dish receives and unscrambles them so your television, computer or radio can play them properly.
o       A subscription to a satellite service so you can get those signals! DIRECTV and Dish Network are the top two providers of satellite programming.
When hooking up a permanent satellite dish and other RV electronics, you may want to consider having a professional handle this. It's important that you don't damage the RV, the dish, or any of the cables and wiring when connecting all your electronic equipment. And in this way you know you'll get uninterrupted service when using your RV.
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