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Fulltime RVer Tips and Concerns

Where Do Fulltimers Get Their Mail?
Amazingly enough, the chief consideration of the fulltime RVer is choosing a mail forwarding service. It establishes where you’re going to have to be “domiciled,” and is a crucially essential consideration. Don’t even think about having family or friends forward your mail; it’s a lot of work when you’re not set up to do it, and it’s a big commitment to ask of someone.

How RVers Do Their Banking
The easiest solution is to consolidate all your financial dealings with one bank or institution that offers Internet banking. Charge everything possible, including calling cards, fuel, campgrounds, groceries, entertainment, tours and restaurants. At the end of the month, simply pay off the charges incurred during the previous month. You can use ATM’s for depositing and withdrawing cash.

Getting To The Dentist
Touring and being away from a “regular” doctor or dentist causes some of us a little unease, especially now that so many of us are rightly concerned about our health. Keep a copy of your medical records and other pertinent information with you in your rig. Get your current dental X-ray records from your dentist. That way, if you need to visit a new dentist on the road, you won’t need to pay good money for what you already have.

Everyday Housekeeping for Their Rig
Full timers call the RV their only home. They may stay in one place for extended periods or wander from one destination to another. The everyday behavior of a full timer is no different from someone living in a house. All household and everyday sanitation tasks must be attended to. Full timer RVs must be sturdy enough to endure continuous habitation.

RV Closet Space!
Closet Space Selecting a rig is like shopping for a new house. Nothing beats doing a tour of the models, especially at a big show, with lots of brands represented. There are two predominant floor plans available, with slight variations: rear kitchen and rear lounge models. Closet space is critically important, particularly for the working full timer.

When You Go Fulltime, What Do You Do With Your Stuff?
One of the most frequently asked questions by persons considering the full time lifestyle is: what will I do with all my stuff? Some of the options are storage, giving it to family and friends, giving it to charity, selling it, or a mix of all these choices. No matter what you do with most of your stuff, there will certainly be a few things you’ll keep.

Storage, Damage, Insurance and Warranties
The exceptional character of the full timing way of life is gaining more interest every year. In case your motorhome gets damaged, make sure you get RV-specific insurance that takes into account the fact that you have lost not only your chief form of transport, but you have also been forced out of your home. Because most full timers store belongings while out on the road, a specialty RV policy can expand your coverage to include items kept in storage.

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