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RV Job You Can Do On The Road - Be A Virtual Writer

Make Money From Anywhere As A Virtual Writer

What Is A Virtual Writer?
The majority of people can write, but only a small number of persons can put pen to paper as quickly and convincingly as a virtual writer. These writers can develop various documents such as offers, promotion and design copy, content for websites, sales letters, strategic plans, direct mail, and newsletters. Businesses hire virtual writers for the following reasons:
1. To Save time: time for these organizations is valuable.
2. To Meet deadlines: virtual writers thrive on time limits.
3. To Get their points across: a well-written booklet, proposal, statement, bulletin or website will produce results, whether your client’s aim is to sell a product, educate its audience, or improve staff morale.
4. To Research the topic well: information gathering such as online research, consultations, supporting stories, and figures are often required when writing about a service, product, program or person
5. To Tidy and refine: a virtual writer can assist in arranging the structure of a client’s rough draft, add information, strengthen the copy, and flavor it with innovative details.

Virtual Writers Can Work From Anywhere
It is possible for freelance virtual writers to work from anywhere. Far from being at a disadvantage, writers in far-flung locations can actually enjoy numerous benefits. For example, if you’re a full-time RVer, you are in an excellent position to write about your own destinations, the people you’ve met and the things you’ve seen.

Where Do Virtual Writers Find Work?
With assignments ranging from logo and brochure design to programming, website design, writing, accounting and more, over 100,000 potential customers visit Elance.com every week in search of capable online professionals. For a small monthly fee, you can bid on projects, perform services, receive payment by PayPal, check or wire transfer, and get rated by your employers.

Guru.com is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent. Guru was created in August of 2000, and their web-based marketplace directly connects businesses with over 578,000 professionals who specialize in over 160 professional categories including: website design, programming, graphic design, business consulting, and administrative support. You can either register as a free member or a subscribing member.

To get an idea of what’s out there, you also need to wander around the Web regularly, and you’re sure to come across sites that need your services. You’ll find website copy that sounds computer generated, and copy with grammatical and spelling errors. Offer these sites your services in an e-mail message, personalized so that it is not perceived as spam.

Another option is to place advertisements in popular classified ad sites that enjoy very high traffic. For instance, freelancewriting.com has a section where writers can advertise their services.

To make a good living online, you need to be a very fast writer. There’s lots of advice available online on how to write fast and still write well. Take courses, keep practicing, and soon you’ll have a great career as a virtual writer.

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