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Your RV Solar Panel Cable for an RV Solar Panel
Running an RV solar panel cable is actually more important than you may realize. Having solar panels for an RV is a great way to generate electricity no matter where you are and to save on electricity costs when camping, but they need to be installed and run properly in order to work.
If you install your RV solar panel cable improperly you might not only damage the unit, you may also void your warranty. This means that you have a broken unit and no way to replace it without paying for a new one!
One important aspect of installing an RV solar panel cable is making sure it’s in the provided housing. This protects the cable which in turn will protect the entire unit. Because the solar panels for an RV are outside and exposed to the elements, every part of the unit needs to be protected properly and this includes the cable as well.
Many run their RV solar panel cable to a generator and this too needs to be protected from the elements. If you hook up your solar panel for your RV and then leave for the day, it’s important that you have the protective housing in place accurately so that the entire unit and the generator are both protected. 
Running your RV solar panel cable is not difficult; usually it’s a matter of following the instructions on the kit and being sure you don’t overlook or try to “jimmy” the cable in any way. An amateurish job or one you try to just figure out on your own can mean no electricity and a ruined unit.
When camping your power needs can be satisfied with the correct application of a few solar panels and proper solar panel wiring and installation. Generating electricity while camping is a must and batteries are expensive. Solar engergy is free and clean.
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