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RV Solar Panel Sizing - Tips for Choosing Solar Panel Sizes, Requirements and Capacity

If you’re looking to add RV solar panels to your camper, then of course the sizing of your RV solar panel is critical. Like any other accessory you add to a camper of any sort, you need to find something that is compatible with your model and your towing capacity.
When looking at RV solar panel sizing you want to take into consideration the size of your RV and its weight. A solar panel is not very heavy but it must be screwed or drilled into the roof of the RV, so your camper must be able to handle the added weight of a panel. Purchasing RV solar panels that are too big and heavy for your camper, just because they’re the most expensive or they create the most energy, is going to be a mistake.
Typically it’s best to try RV solar panel kits for a camper that doesn’t have a solar panel already installed. In this way you know you’ll have everything for your camper and the solar panel, including housing, cables, mounting screws, and everything else needed. And, they’ll come with clear instructions!
RV solar panel kits will also tell you the size of RV that will support the panel. This is important and another advantage to kits. And if you’re unsure of the panels that will be supported by your camper, be sure to get the smallest and the lightest. In this way you know you won’t damage the camper.
It’s also recommended that you check with your RV dealer to see what panels they may recommend. Many RVs are coming with solar panels already installed, so this is not an uncommon request. Your dealer may immediately know the correct RV solar panel sizing for your particular model and make, and size of camper.
Adding solar to your RV means having electricity no matter where you go and avoiding charges for electricity as well.  But using improper RV solar panel sizing will cause damage to your unit and your camper. So make the right choice for the sizing and the number of RV solar panels and you’ll be fine.
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