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RV Trailer Insurance - Liability to Specialized Coverage for Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Other Tow Vehicles

Whether you own a travel trailer, a fifth-wheel, a trailer with recreational cargo quarters (also called a toy hauler), or a pop-up tent trailer, you need to insure it before you take it out on the road. As with any major purchase you’ll want to protect your investment against any damage or theft. In addition, liability coverage is a must for those relaxing summer evenings by the lake when someone you barely know slips on your trailer’s steps. 
Specialized RV Trailer Insurance
            If you’re new to RVing you may be surprised to learn that your regular auto insurance is not sufficient. Although it may cover the trailer while it is actually being towed, once it’s unhitched that coverage stops. Specialized RV trailer insurance will take over at that point with provisions that just don’t exist for autos, such as personal property coverage for your belongings inside the trailer and total loss replacement. For full-timers it’s an especially critical issue because the trailer becomes your home as well. And don’t assume your homeowners insurance will cover it, either; RVs are almost universally excluded from such policies.
Shop Around
            RV trailer insurance is widely available through agencies that specialize in such policies. Here you’ll find agents who know the business inside out and can explain all the terms and special coverage situations. They’ll be able to recommend the best policies to cover your liability, collision, and non-collision needs. Many agencies also represent more than one insurer so you can get instant comparisons. You can also go directly to insurers that offer RV trailer insurance—the Internet is great for this—but make sure you talk to someone who knows RVs before you buy.
Tow Vehicle Coverage
            Another issue to consider when buying RV trailer insurance is coverage for the tow vehicle. If you end up insuring your tow vehicle, which in many cases is a medium-duty truck, as an RV tow vehicle only, its use as an every-day vehicle is severely limited. Other policies may cover a truck only as a commercial vehicle or not at all if it’s over 10,000 pounds. Look for a policy that will insure your truck as a personal vehicle with special conditions to make sure you’re adequately covered. 
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