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A WiFi Range Extender to Extend WiFi Range When Camping

If you love to camp or have an RV, but hate being without the internet for that time, you can typically pick up wireless signals with a WiFi range extender during your trips. Using a range extender will mean that your computer's receiver will work better and you'll have more access to the internet with fewer disruptions.
A WiFi range extender is also good when camping or in your RV because landscape can easily interfere with signals. If you're in the woods or the mountains you may experience some difficulties with getting a signal, and a range extender can help.
Permanent Installation
You can get a permanent WiFi range extender that mounts to the roof or side of your RV so that you don't need to worry about setting it up each and every time. Often they will drill a long pipeline onto the side of the RV or mount it to the roof of it with waterproof and weatherproof fixtures.
Of course you can also opt for a portable WiFi range extender and there are many from which to choose. Some people have these in their home so they can have different computers picking up the same wireless signal from one router. When camping or in your RV, you may be able to use this same range extender by simply packing it with you!
Choosing a WiFi Range Extender
So how do you choose a range extender? One thing you'll need to remember is that you want one that is compatible to the receiver that is in your computer. Most are compatible with one another but it's good to double-check. This is also important if you have an external receiver, such as one you connect through your USB port.
If you're not sure of compatibility, use a universal WiFi range extender. These work with just about every router and receiver there is, and can boost the signal to work through the worst of landscapes. There are many brands of universals range extenders, so it's simply a matter of choosing one that fits in your budget.
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