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Travel Trailers, Luxury RVing, RV Parks and Resorts and Their Costs

Rv and Motor Home Buying

Whether speaking of vacation time or full time living for retirees or telecommuters, RVing costs a lot of money. But compared to owning a house? Compared to staying in a hotel? Hardly a comparison! No wonder so many people are investing in motor homes and travel trailers, RV living is comfortable and cheap. It can even be luxurious, depending on how much money, you have to rent or buy the unit.

This section of the web site was designed to help those that are new to RV life and travel and those that are seasoned veterans to make purchasing decisions. To the right, you will find links to other helpful articles dedicated to making your buying experience a little easier. Feel free to peruse the articles in the list and when you want more, fill out the “Keep Rolling Along form above to stay apprised with new articles and newsletters. This website offers a RV Motor Home Buying Guide for Travel Trailers, Luxury RVing, Parks, and Resorts as well as Costs and reviews.

Give Me The Bad News First

Bad news? Well, it's not exactly free living. But what besides polluted air is free these days? You still have to pay for your food, your laundry, your gasoline, propane and other trailer or vehicle supplies. In addition, it is recommended that you purchase your drinking water rather than drink out of the faucet. Finally, you have to pay for highway/bridge crossing tolls. These are the bare necessities of RVing life.

Parks, Resorts And Boondocking

Deciding you want to park your RV and rest for a little while will also cost you. Resorts are predictably expensive, since renting space in a destination resort buys you a package of entertainment, amenities and maid service. Camping grounds and high-class trailer parks can also be pricey—even while being 50% less than a typical hotel stay. However, many parks and camping sites are less expensive than the norm, and some “boondocking” locations even let you stay for free.

Hot Tourist Spots

Naturally, you're not going to find a cheap park in hot tourist locations like Canada, Florida, California, or Yellowstone Park, one the United States' premier parks nationwide. Because these kinds of locations feature popular attractions, simply renting a strip of land to park your RV will be pricey.

Common Quotes

So let's talk dollars and figures. Most RVers polled continue to quote the figures of $700 a month up to $2000 a month for a typical RV vacation or full time tab. However, this