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Now that sounds like a good deal.  The only down side about owning an RV for vacation, camping, or even your second home, is that they don't come cheap.  Some motor homes can cost as much as $300,000 new!  For that money you could buy a villa somewhere in Florida.  But all hope is not lost.  You could still find the RV of your dreams by looking carefully and examining all your options.

Used RV for Sale

There are shoppers who prefer to buy used or pre-owned RVs to save money.  No doubt this does save a lot of money, as some private sellers or RV commercial lots can sell units with savings of 10% to even 50% off retail price.  When on the market for a used travel trailer or motor home, be sure and check the blue book value of each model before you sign for the "discounted" price you're quoted.  Some people however, are mistrustful of purchasing used RVs.  Even if the salesperson is honest, there are no guarantees that the vehicle itself is not faulty or will start to fail after so many miles.  Even if you find an RV for a discounted price, remember that you may have to pay extra to repair any mechanical problems later on.

Shows, Wholesalers And Auctions

You can also purchase RVs at local or statewide auto shows, from wholesalers or via online auction.  The sales you'll find will most likely come from wholesalers.  Auto shows and physical auctions are usually are pricey and costs may inflate according to the industry; online auctions are certainly not a sure find; the people who auction off their RVs have definite reserve prices and expect to be paid the blue book value for used models and close to retail price for new or pre-owned.  This isn't Ebay we're talking about!  Working out deals with wholesalers and any friendly auto dealers you know will be the best deal, as you will be just be paying for the merchandise without the added costs.


Publications such as RV Trader and the RV Buying Guide are also excellent resources on both new and used RV travel trailers and motor homes.  Many top publications have an online presence allowing potential buyers to quickly get contact information as well as pictures and precise details of the RV to be sold, all within seconds.  Internet sites also have more information on getting RV insurance, finding local RV dealers and more buying tips.

Having a good eye, a cautious attitude and at least twelve grand (preferably in a bank and not in your wallet) can get you started in finding the perfect RV.

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