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RV Motorhomes for Sale by Owner Used We all know RVs are expensive.  Some motor homes can priced as much as half a million dollars!  So where can you find RVs high in quality and cheap in cost?  Here are four ideas.

1.RV Annual Events

RV shows offer you the chance to see many different kinds of motor homes, travel trailers, campers, pop up trailers, toyhaulers, and park models.  Not only the many different types of RVs, but also the many different manufacturers, makes and year models.  There are national and local RV events all over the nation.  Top models from manufacturers like Winnebago, Gulf Stream, Coachman, Fleetwood, StarCraft and Four Winds.  Upcoming shows for RVs are scheduled for 2010, 2011, and 2012 from Toronto to Washington, to every major state in the nation like Texas, Florida and California.  Where can you find out where the next RV show is in town?  Online or by contacting local RV dealers.

2.Online Shopping

Bidding online at various auction sites can be a great way to save on the retail price of an RV.  Auction sites often times sell RVs to the highest bidder.  (Though there usually is a reserve price; so don't think you'll win anything for $20.00 bucks)  RV Dealers also run Internet specials on certain year models. 

3.Used Lots

Okay, so buying a twenty grand motor home with 100,000 miles might not be the kind of deal you're looking for.  Still, buying a used or pre-owned travel trailer, camper or pop up trailer might be a good bargain.  Money talks when you're shopping used.  So thoroughly inspect the unit, ask about the history and get a professional opinion.  Say you have cash and ask for an out-the-door discount price.  (And actually have cash!)

4.In The Local Newspaper

Yes, many people are still unaware that Internet advertising is the way to go and they are willing to pay the local newspaper to run an add.  Usually they just want to get rid of an RV they never use.  While not every one of them is a gem, there are some bargains to be found.  Be weary of motor homes, but give travel trailers and campers a try.  Inspect them thoroughly, especially if they have plumbing or electrical systems, and make an offer.  If you build a good rapport with the seller, they might let it go for a few hundred less.

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