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These units are not technically considered motor homes, but a 5th wheel trailer or a travel trailer can get you around town (or the entire nation) just as well, at a lower price and without sacrificing any convenience.

Go RVing In Style

Travel trailers are trailers that act as living or storage quarters, and can be towed by larger vehicles with a hitch.  They are heavier and more expensive than truck campers or pop up trailers because they include more amenities.  5th wheel travel trailers are like travel trailers, except that they are equipped with a special hitch that connects them to the truck bed.  These trailers complement the shape of pickup truck and become firmly attached to the whole vehicle.  This is a "fifth wheel" you can definitely use.  The tires on travel trailers are often much more expensive than tires on truck campers and pop ups.  You can find great deals from 5th wheel and travel trailer dealers.

The Travel Trailer

The first appearance of the travel trailer (from which 5th wheels and motor homes descended from) was in the 1920s and was associated, much like it is today, with tourism.  In the 1930s trailers were called house trailers, as they were becoming more livable as designs and technology improved.  By the 1950s and 1960s the industry was split between the designs and marketing of recreational tourist vehicles from almost permanent mobile homes.  In general, travel trailers are smaller by comparison to 5th wheels, though many travel trailer manufacturers are adding to the list of amenities.  The smaller travel trailers have only minimal living quarters, thereby making it easy to tow the unit with a large car or smaller pick up truck replica louis vuitton outlet . 

The 5th Wheel

5th wheels, as well as large travel trailers, are much heavier, and usually require a V8 powered pickup truck or SUV for towing.  Unlike the expensive types of fully loaded motor homes, 5th wheels can usually only hold a few bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas.  However, a 5th wheel and its simple amenities may be all that travelers are looking for.  Motor homes, while luxurious with amenities, are much more expensive.

Amenities Of Travel Trailers And 5th Wheels

Among the usual features of vehicles, like air conditioning and heat, high quality travel trailers and 5th wheels also feature many household conveniences and comfortable amenities.  Models can come with a stove, an oven and grill, beds, refrigerators and freezers, bathrooms with a flush-water tank and removable disposal tank and showers.  Many special amenities, even entire rooms, on smaller trailers can slide out for easier storage.

Can't decide what to take with you on your big trip?  Then bring your entire home.

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