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Are you ready to go RVing?  There's no question that investing in an RV is a wise move.  Not only is it a home away from home, www.chargewatch.net that can actually work as your full time home, if you take good care of the unit you can get a lot of your money back if you ever sell it.  But how much are RVs?  There are many kinds of RVs, that range from Class A luxury motor homes to simple truck campers.  Let's talk about price, according to each category.

Truck Campers

These are the smallest and probably cheapest accessory you can find.  They are units that attach to the back of a pickup, usually between 18-21 feet, and are popular for camping and taking brief road trips.  The price range can be anywhere from $4000.00 to over $20,000.  Keep in mind however; the more expensive models can now accommodate showers, stoves and electricity.

Jayco Travel Trailers

Jayco travel trailers are more advanced and roomier than truck campers, and are often moved by towing with a pickup or even a large car.  Though generally on the smaller side, between 12-35 feet, a Jayco Travel Trailer can be a complete living quarters, with bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.  Prices range from $10,000 to over $60,000.  Lite travel trailers can be found used for a few thousand dollars and can provide excellent living conditions without breaking the bank.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are often referred to as sports utility trailers, because they feature living quarters as well as garage space for smaller vehicles like ATVs or motorcycles.  They average about 26 feet and can sell just under or over $20,000.  Pricey to buy, but consider that you're buying a home and a garage! 

Park Model

Park models are units built onto a single chassis mounted on wheels designed for strictly occasional relocation.  They look like houses or something you would find in a trailer park; not quite as compact as a travel trailer.  Prices range from $20,000 to $50,000.

Pop Up Trailers

These folding trailers have sides that collapse,omega replica watches which make the unit light weight and allows for easy towing.  Because of these features however, pop up trailers are limited in extra amenities and resemble high-tech tents.  They are priced between $3,000.00 and $10,000.

5th Wheel

5th wheels are towed by a pickup truck that affixes to the vehicle by a special hitch in the truck bed.  5th wheels are a good balance between high quality, but affordable RV travel trailers and luxurious motor homes that might even be nicer than your house.  They range from 21 to 40 feet in size and are priced as much as $100,000 but as economic as $12,000.

Motor Home

Finally, there is a large selection of motor homes, the most expensive and comfortable portable living you can buy.  Motor homes are constructed onto a commercial vehicle; so you're paying for a home and a truck or van.  Class C models, or mini-campers are the smallest and can measure 20 - 28 feet and range from $40,000 to $70, 000.  Class B motor homes, or van campers, can range from 16 to 21 feet and the price can be anywhere from $35,000 to $65,000.  These are considered temporary living quarters, and usually not as large as Class A or some class C models.  Finally, Class A models are the best you can buy, short of customizing your own double decker.  These "conventional" models are virtually homes away from homes; they offer the same luxuries and comforts as a normal home and drive smoothly like a bus.  The size can range from 21 to 40 feet and prices can range from $50,000 to over $300,000 dollars!

Buying a home is never cheap.  But at least when you buy an RV you can take your most prized possession anywhere you want to go.