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Motor homes are the answer to first class when it comes to RV travel.  These units are like large travel trailers or fifth wheels, except that they are constructed onto a commercial truck or van.  These units are better for traveling, but not as easily portable as pop up or travel trailers.

Motor Home Classes

There are three general classes of motor homes and one extra exception.swiss replica watches   There is a Class A motor coach, which is the home constructed on on a commercial truck chassis.  Aside from a truck, it can also be constructed on a bus or a specially designed vehicle.  Class A motor homes are the largest of the classes, usually between 26 and 45 feet.  A Class B camper van is constructed around a traditional van and may simply redesign the dimensions, such as raising the roof or replacing the back doors.  The size of a Class B camper could be 19 to 24 feet.  A Class C Motor Home is constructed onto a commercial truck along with an attached cab section.  The outer design can be based from a truck, van or even a freightliner.  Size can be anywhere from 17 to 34 feet.


There is also such a creation as a toter home, which is a motor home constructed onto a semi truck chassis.  A large freightliner truck is the usual construction model

.  These heavy-duty motor homes allow you to pull very heavy trailers in addition to your own living quarters. 



Interestingly,Bell & Ross Replica Watches at one time Winnebago's were considered just another term for a motor home.  Winnebago Industries, which produced various models of motor homes, dominated the market for most of the last three decades.  However, since many more companies have gotten into the business, a Winnebago as a general term no longer applies.

Many Types Of RVs

Not all large motor homes are exceptionally heavy and need to be transported by a semi truck chassis.  Some very large motor homes can be pulled with a commercial truck or van, usually with a V8 or above engine.  Finally, some people build their own RV hybrids out of cars, vans or buses.  Even school buses can be constructed into a large RV. 

Motor homes are just that-a home sweet home on wheels.  Buy a motor home RV and live the rest of your life on extended vacation or simply forget the RV and high gas prices and check out some all inclusive.