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RV Motorhome Maintenance for Safety and Winterization

RV and Motor Home Maintenace and Repair

RVing is not only a change that requires some adjustment; it's a whole new way of living! Many people choose to vacation in RVs, but others actually sell their home and buy a trailer or motor home to travel with full time. Getting used to the RV life style can be difficult. You might have to winterize your vehicle, get used to working with a portable sewer system and familiarize yourself with how a generator works. Even driving such a large unit can be difficult at first. But over time you will get used to it. Safety is another issue that takes some getting used to. Is it safe vacationing or living in an RV? Consider a few common questions.

RV Motor Home Maintenance if you need to Winterize or just for maximal Safety.
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This section of the web site was designed to help those that are new to RV travel life and those that are seasoned veterans to maintain, store, winterize and travel safely in their RV’s. To the right, you will find links to other helpful articles dedicated to making your time spent on maintaining your vehicle a bit easier. Feel free to peruse the articles in the list and when you want more, fill out the “Keep Rolling Along” form above to stay apprised with new articles and newsletters.

Can RVs Owners Be Attacked?

Well, yes it is possible. However, it should also be noted that random violence is rare compared to violence that takes place within extended family or between ex-friends and acquaintances. It's also to note that sometimes violence can ensue when a thief is caught by a homeowner in act of burglary. Burglary is more prevalent than assault and RV windows and doors can be easily broken into. Preventive measures might include parking in a well-populated area with plenty of lights as well as installing some form of security alarm system. (With a posted warning) Boondocking, staying out in a remote rural location, might be cheaper, but more dangerous if plenty of others aren't around. As long as general precautions are followed, there's no need to worry obsessively over the thought of someone invading or vandalizing your home. However, having a cautious attitude about people and about keeping your home secure at night can only be a safeguard.

Help! My RV Broke Down And I Need Some Parts!

Finding RV parts won't be too much of a problem provided you can find a local telephone book or have wireless Internet access. RV dealerships sell RV parts as do auto stores and RV specialty stores. You can buy many sorts of RV mechanical parts, windows and window accessories, as well as luxury items to store in your RV.

Can I Carry A Gun In An RV?

Hard to say; some states in the United States Of America allow guns to be kept in an RV, while others do not. Some might consider the RV a “home”, whereas other states might consider an RV a moving vehicle, thus the owner being guilty of carrying a concealed weapon. In most circumstances, transporting a firearm would require removing the bullets from the gun and storing them apart from each other. On the other hand, Mexico and Canada do not allow firearms aboard an RV entering the country at any time. Be sure and know the laws in each state you travel in before loading up that Magnum.