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People love simplicity in life. This is why there's a whole series for dummies on basically every subject in existence. While doing your own RV maintenance is not exactly simple, it can be broken down into five basic lessons.

Safety Tip: Careful Inspection of your Travel Trailer

Review thoroughly the 'vital signs' of your travel trailer before hitting the road. This involves a systematic inspection of your RV to ensure proper motorhome maintenance. RV's should be thoroughly checked before and after each trip. The electrical systems and plumbing systems should be ready for use, and all brakes and tires should also be checked. Don't forget to check the hitch! The last thing you need on a relaxing vacation is your trailer rolling off into the highway.

Plumbing Tip: Be Careful What You Flush

Some problems have been reported when people flush toilet paper down the toilet. It can bulk up the black water tank. It is often recommended for travelers keep toilet paper in the trash. (Trains also have this policy) Furthermore, stuffing grease, food or even small crumbs (like coffee grounds) can lead to further plumbing problems.

Driving Tip: Know What You're Doing!

Part of RV maintenance is knowing how to drive your motorhome.  It won't hurt to take an RV driving class. Many people are surprised the first time they drive an RV, or tow a travel trailer or camper off the dealer's lot.  It feels much different than driving a regular car or truck. You want to be experienced in driving the RV before heading out on a hundred or thousand mile adventure. A driving class can prepare you for the life on the road as well as additional troubles that may arise.

Mechanical Tip

The best way to make sure your motorhome is maintained properly is to take it to the dealer. They understand the vehicle and know the quickest way to handle any problems. Even if there is no sign of mechanical problems, periodic check ups work as preventive RV maintenance. When you're traveling on the road, you certainly don't want to worry about fixing a major engine problem on your motor home. This also applies to any vehicle you might use to tow a travel trailer. Get a trusted mechanic to inspect your RV, motorhome, van or truck before a long trip.