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I often think about what I can do to keep my RV's resale value high. I take care of it with routine maintenance, starting it up and driving it once per week during winter storage, and having it serviced by the dealer a few times a year. Lately, sitting in my driveway, I have had to wash the bird poop off to keep the paint looking nice. I got tired of doing this so I figured I would go down to my local camping and RV store to get a cover and I couldn't believe what I saw. Now, I'm no cheapskate and I certainly had the money, but I was not prepared to drop $500 for an RV cover. There weren't any decent ones below $500.

I knew I had to have a Dupont Tyvek® RV cover because that stuff breathes, which helps prevent mold and mildew under there. I also knew I only wanted to pay about $250. I left dismayed, but decided to see what I could find online. My mood once again perked up because I found a great deal on this great cover made from Dupont Tyvek® RV.

Get the RV Cover that protects against moisture, UV, dirt, bird droppings, and all critical roof areas .

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