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RV Warranties – Do You Need One And Why?

What Is An RV Warranty?
There’s always a chance of a mechanical breakdown once you own a recreational vehicle. A good comprehensive warranty program will provide optional coverage, terms and deductibles designed for maximum flexibility. When an unforeseen repair is required, you’ll be confident, knowing that you’re covered for it.

How Do You Get An RV Warranty?
An important factor in buying a warranty is to deal with a reputable company. The most reputable warranty companies are underwritten by “A” rated insurance companies as rated by AM Best Company, Standard and Poor and others. The one million strong Good Sam Club offers one of the most popular extended repair programs.

What Do RV Warranties Cover?
Your warranty should cover any repair done at any authorized facility, anywhere in the United States or Canada. Many RV warranties have additional benefits such as towing reimbursement, rental car allowances, towing and road service, and lost key and lock out service. Some plans will even pay for your meals and lodgings while your RV is being repaired.

How To Use Your RV Warranty
Without an extended RV warranty, once the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired, you will have to foot the bill for all parts, freight and labor when something goes wrong. Frequently the cost of labor for RV repairs can result in overwhelming costs, and things like engines, transmissions, and even refrigerators can come with a large price tag.

Extended Warranties - Things are going to start breaking from the day you buy your RV or motorhome. Unless you have an extended warranty contract that covers major repair bills, you are virtually on your own. The chief benefit to any extended warranty agreement is that you can in effect place a cap on the amount of repair costs that you have associated with whatever you are insuring.

Buy the Warranty when you buy your RV - It is recommended that you purchase the warranty when you buy your RV. Warranty companies add month and mileage surcharges to all new policies up to 36,000 miles, so if you wait until your manufacturer’s warranty runs out you could end up paying twice as much for the same policy that you could have purchased when your vehicle was new.

Read the Contract! - Before you sign an extended warranty contract, read it carefully to see exactly what is covered. Virtually all warranties have clauses that state what they cover, for how long, as well as the limits of the manufacturer’s liability. Also, make sure you keep records for the period of time the warranty is in effect. Record keeping and receipts are particularly important for major items such as engines and transmissions.

Extended warranties can provide peace of mind and are usually well worth the money spent. Thanks to the Internet, it is much easier to compare pricing and plans and select a coverage plan that’s just right for you and your family.

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