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It seems the most overused criticism for RVing-besides the whole you live in a travel trailer things is poor RV gas mileage. Not only the fact that a motorhome takes a lot of gas, but that gas is so expensive these days! Most motorhomes average 7-10 miles per gallon and so RVers are forced to find ways to save money on fuel. (As far as keeping your fingers crossed that gas prices will go down? Don't hurt yourself, there.) There are ways to save on fuel economy, however. Whether you're in a motor home or are towing a trailer, these five RV Gas Mileage Tips for Better Motorhome Fuel Economy can help you.

1. Obey The Signs

You think you're cool for speeding in your motor home? Go over the posted (usually) 60 mph speed limit and feel like you're a winner. But in reality, you're paying for those excessive miles. The faster you go and the longer you retain that speed, the more gas you burn. It can be as much as 10 cents per 5 mph you go over. Quick acceleration can also use more gas than necessary. Go slow and be called a square...but save money on fuel economy.

2. Shut It Off If You're Not Driving

That one seems obvious. But people often times don't think about turning their vehicle off at a lunch stop, for a friendly chat or for a quick delivery or pick up. However, idling the engine wastes fuel. This also applies to the air conditioning.

3.Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Keep your motorhome mechanically clean and serviced, that is. A poorly tuned engine can burn more gas by up to 20%. Poor emissions or a bad oxygen sensor can cause a 40% loss of fuel. Also, be sure and keep your vehicle serviced according to schedule. The less mechanically sound the truck or van is, the more fuel it needs.

4. Stick To What You Need

You need to use the correct kind of oil. Using a grade of motor oil that's not recommended can cause bad fuel economy. Additionally, buying premium gas is not necessarily a cure all to mechanical problems. In fact, unless specifically required to do so, buying premium gas is a waste. You wind up spending more money on fuel expense than you have to for a vehicle that would probably be running smoothly anyway.

5. Use Overdrive And Cruise Control

Overdrive decreases the engine speed and can save more fuel, whereas cruise control keeps the vehicle at a steady rate. Provided that rate is less than 60 mph then you're definitely saving money by not keeping your pedal to the medal.

These are just a few simple tips that can save you money and keep you driving cheap