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Why just go vacationing off into the sunset in your motorhome, RV, or travel trailer, when you can go boating too? The only thing arguably better than getting in touch with land and nature on a camping expedition is to enjoy the sea and head out on the water for some boating, fishing or swimming. There are many different types of boats and watercraft. Some are simple, such as powerboats that can be used for swimming and fishing; others huge cruisers for entire parties on water. Consider a few tips on how to safely go about your boat traveling.

1. Follow Boating Laws

Like driving, boating requires adhering to the rules. This includes speed limits as well as limits on how far you can go. There may also be posted warning signs to follow.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open!

Unlike driving however, operating a boat is not so organized. Therefore, it's very important to keep close watch on your surroundings and to be observant at all times. There are other boats, swimmers, fishers and skier you have to watch out for. Not only must your watercraft move carefully, you must also yield for them if they do something foolish.

3. Know How To Hold 'Em

It's important to practice at operating a boat, particularly if you're going to around a populated river. (This is why there's such a thing as boat insurance even for rentals) Resist the urge to speed and make sure you have a clear path and won't be bumping into anything or knocking over some poor water skiers.

4. Keeping an RV Log

Along with boating, the serious vacationer or full time RVer might be interested in keeping an RV log. RV travel Log books are companions for boating and RV'ing and include enough space to take notes on everything from technical tips, checklists, your favorite campgrounds, boating waterways and last but not least, your personal recordings of the places and people you've seen on your RV adventure. Some RV travel log books are cheap while others are quality hardcover books with plenty of extras.

RV travel log books should include boating safety maintenance techniques that you learn and discover on your RV boating trip. 

When go RVing don't just stay cooped up at home all day. Take a boat ride, go to a sporting event or go camping in a tent. Log your adventures and take plenty of pictures so the vacation will be remembered.  And when the season is over, you will need a facility that offers motor home and boat storage without breaking the bank. Don't forget to do your research up front and plan ahead for winter storage of your motor coach and watercraft.