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Trailer parks, or more specifically, RV parks are not always cheap. Some parks are pricey and more comparable to resorts. The closer parks are to tourist attractions, or populated states like California or Florida, the more high priced they usually are, with or without any great features.

RV Motor Home Trailer Park, for your Travel or Vacation as well as National Parks Reviews of parks and their Amenities.

This section of the web site was designed to help those that are new to RV life and travel and those that are seasoned veterans to make decisions about which parks and vacation destinations to choose. To the right, you will find links to other helpful articles that provide reviews of the various RV parks and vacation hotspots. Feel free to peruse the articles in the list and when you want more, fill out the “Keep Rolling Along” form above to stay apprised with new articles and newsletters.

What Makes A Good Park?

Here's an article on kid's resorts RV destinations.
How do you go about evaluating an RV park? You're just renting land, right? Not necessarily. Many RV parks offer much more in the way of amenities. Some offer maid service, entertainment and even sporting activity. But what people really value in RV parks beyond just the perks, are courtesy and cleanliness. Courtesy and cleanliness are linked; after all, no courteous host will offer a filthy room to sleep in or a disgusting bathroom to use.

Parks That Get Great Reviews  

Even if a park lacks on perks such as wireless Internet service and room service, it can still be a good deal if it offers a clean site, amenities and for a reasonable price. The public restroom facilities and the laundry room should be clean. The employees should be friendly and make everybody feel welcomed. Access to beaches, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities is a definite plus. Parks by the lake are very popular for their convenient location, which offers beautiful day and night time scenery.

Perks That Go A Long Way

Attractions, or park perks, go along way—but mostly if they create a good social atmosphere. Many parks have playgrounds for children, game rooms for teenagers and all sorts of sporting activities for grown ups such as basketball, tennis, wagon rides and shuffleboard. Bigger parks that cater to Class A luxury motor homes usually boast a great deal of amenities, from fee food and dessert to large gift stores. There are trailer parks...and then there are RV motor home parks! What's the difference? There is none; the only difference is in the quality of the park and the quality of the service. Simple is better though, if you're looking a cheap and easy space to rent. Some of the more luxurious RV parks can cost you.

For the best in park reviews see a local travel guide or look up RV parks online.