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Choosing a good RV vacation destination to park or leave your trailer or motor home is not so easy.  Sometimes you never know the little details until you're actually there, regretting everything.  But careful research will tell you if the RV park you're thinking about really qualifies or if it's a colossal waste of time.

1. RV camp site rentals for less than $200.00 a month!

That sounds like a good deal!  Many RV camp sites charge as much as $22.00 per day.  While that's much cheaper than a hotel, that price is still well over $600.00 a month.  Some RV camp sites rent out for even less than $200.00, and some state parks as well.  Many state parks allow RV travelers to stay for surprisingly low rental prices.  RV camp sites are more beautiful and serene than the average urban or rural rental location and can be a great family vacation. 

2. RV Parks for $2.50 a day.

Another great deal!  That's less than $100.00 per month, and many RV parks, such as the lake havasu rv resort, throughout the nation are now offering these rates, along with wireless Internet capability free with rental.  These parks are less populated urban communities, so they are close to the action and not considered boondocking.  What is boondocking?

3. Boondocking for 0.00 per year.

Now that sounds even better!  Boondocking is when you stay in a remote rural location for free or next to nothing in rental fees.  There are countless boondocking locations throughout the US where you can park your RV for free!  0 x 365 days a year: still 0.  There is GPS software to help you find friendly locations as well as online maps to access via wireless Internet.

4. Park Reviews Are Good

You can get positive and negative park reviews from travel guides as well as online sites.  Popular sites such as the rv village are reviewed at Rvparkreviews.com, Rvbuddy.com and Rvshark.com.  A good tip: if the RV renter's feedback says anything about the park being a rat infested dump, then it's not such a great deal.

5. An RV Resort

Resorts are definitely not cheap-but you get what you pay for.  RV destination resorts are more like a real vacation-with spas, sporting activities, entertainment packages and amenities.  Rates can be as much as $200.00-$500.00 a month.  Definitely not bad when compared to a hotel stay; and the resorts can offer you just as much in terms of extras, room service and the luxury treatment.  The only difference is a personal one-you get to sleep in your own bed.