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There are resorts, cheap trailer parks, pricey RV parks, national and state parks, and finally there are RV camp sites and boondocking. Primarily, camping grounds are an ideal location for RVing travelers on a vacation. Some might be on a yearly vacation; some might simply take a weekend off to go just to go camping with the family.

Roughing It And Staying Close To Home

Selecting a RV camp site for your vacation is a nice compromise between totally roughing it, in the tradition of camping, and taking a nice comfortable vacation that's actually relaxing. On the one hand, you get to commune with nature, visit the outdoors, cook on an open fire, even throw a tent up to sleep in. Then on the other, home is just a walk away. You can still check your email. You can watch your favorite show. Finally, you can seek protection from bad weather or random bear attacks. (Hey, it could happen!) Camping in an RV site gives you the best of both worlds-nature's paradise and your home sweet home.

Difference Between RV Camp Sites And Boondocking

What's the difference between finding a RV camp site and finding a remote location out in the countryside? First off, the difference is in price. A camping site could charge land rent as much as $20.00-$30.00 per night. This is definitely economic compared to a hotel. However, boondocking is often free of charge. Some boondocking locations are secure, perhaps located close to other commercial or residential buildings; others are not and may be in the middle of nowhere. RV camp sites are usually safe because of the constant activity and feature more scenic landscaping and lakes, and possible hiking and sporting activities.

The Best Way To Find Them

Whether you're investigating camping sites or simple boondock locations, pick up a camping travel guide for help. Or better, do an Internet search on RV camp sites and RV parks for the area you'll be visiting. There may even be some national or state parks that charge little to no rent, depending on the stay.

RV camping is one of the most enjoyable and least expensive ways to travel. Do your research and enjoy a memorable vacation.