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Are you an RVer? Do you live full time in your RV? Do you enjoy telling your friends that you need a vacation from constant traveling and enjoying life? Great! Just because you're enjoying your life comfortably traveling state to state doesn't mean that you can't go somewhere a little more interesting for a vacation. Here are a few more ideas for you.

1. Fishing Trip Up To Canada

Sure, you could fish anywhere there's a good body of water (that's sanctioned). But why not go somewhere special this year? You've been to Texas and Cape Cod. Now try somewhere up north-in fact, all the way up north. Canada can provide with you some great outdoor vacations. Rent space in an RV resort or camping ground in Ontario, Calgary or Vancouver and enjoy the amenities. Then go fishing, boating or even swimming in any of the great lakes in this tourist friendly country.

2. California

What isn't in California? Not only do you have fishing and camping, you also have the more materialistic vacation waiting for you. (Who doesn't enjoy a little excess now and then?) Instead of just staying at a camping ground, stay at luxurious California RV resort where you can experience first class amenities and maid service. Then grab a travel guide and see all of the world famous attractions the state has to offer: Disney Land, Hollywood, Sea World, Universal Studios and any number of state parks. (Where you can even park your RV).  It's so close, your next stop should be at one of the many Las Vegas RV Resorts near the town that never sleeps.  

3. Florida Beaches

There's plenty to see in Florida, but the beaches have got to be the number one feature when it comes to state attractions. The beaches in Miami are beautiful and it's a great place to relax. As far as those rumors you heard about Haulover Beach in North Miami? You don't have to believe the rumors but don't be surprised. (And don't let the spouse catch you peeking) Imagining enjoying a full Florida vacation-without having to pay outlandish hotel and restaurant expenses!

4. Yellowstone National Park

Another great reason to visit Wyoming. Not only can you come visit Yellowstone National Park to go camping, one of the United States' premiere parks nationwide, you can also rent an RV space and stay a while. Make sure you get Yellowstone national park camping reservations well in advance though.  You may need to book ahead one season.  Take a few maps though, as well as a travel guide. Yellowstone's a big place with plenty of regulations to follow while on camping site.

Take a vacation from all that luxury RVing and go visit a fun destination this season.

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