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Try RV Camping for Comfort and Safety in Bad Weather

Camping is one of mankind's greatest past times.  What is it about camping that makes it so universally fun and exciting?  Is it the clean air and gentle breeze of the outside world?  Or is it the concept of roughing it, and getting back in touch with nature that's so appealing?  Whatever it is, don't underestimate the importance of taking some technology with you.  Consider four reasons why RV camping is so appealing for families (especially moms).

1. RV Camping to Prepare for Emergencies

You can always set up a tent outside of your travel trailer and have the RV parked in a safe place nearby.  This will allow you access to your home so you can grab anything you might need from the modern day world.  Important emails, favorite TV shows, messages from family-are all available with satellite technology in medium to large size RVs.

2. RV Camping in Case There's Bad Weather

If there's a thunderstorm, you're stuck in your tent, which could easily blow away with the strong winds.  Even a small motor home or trailer can weigh over a ton.  Unless there's a threat of tornadoes (in which you'd have to exit any vehicle) an RV will keep you dry and safe.  Camping in the summer?  Then if someone in the family gets overheated, an air-conditioned room is just a short walk away.  How about the winter?  Well if temperatures drop below what your tent and bags are rated for, you have a nice warm, dry shelter in which to continue your trip.

3. RV Camping for Comfort

You don't go camping to be uncomfortable-you go camping for more comfort.  It allows you the chance to get reacquainted with nature and enjoy the comfortable surroundings.  But there's no reason why you can't sleep in your comfortable bed, make yourself some coffee and shower every morning.  Having these modern day amenities nearby won't prevent you from roasting marshmallows or enjoying the night sky.  It will just make the trip that much more fun.

4. RV Camping for the Protection

A tent can't protect you from bears, angry campers you've crossed and deadliest of all, little mosquitoes.  Protect yourself with a sturdy RV.  If you're deep in the woods you can always retreat into the unit and lock the door-remember that RVs are literally houses on wheels.  Afraid some obsessed camp counselor is stalking you?  Have your phone, Internet connection and GPS (Global Positioning System) ready.  Finally, if you just need to get away from all those bloodthirsty mosquitoes, take a shower inside your RV and cool off before going back into battle. 

Having an RV can only offer comfort and protection on your camping trip.  You can print out a free RV camping checklist online so you can be sure and bring your home along with you on your next West Coast or the East Coast RV camping excursion.