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RV and Motorhome Renting

A Rentals Guide for Vacation and Retirement Traveling

Rv and Motor Home Renting

Why pay $75,000 to purchase a new RV, when you can rent one for as low as $280 per month? So claims a website that offers RV rentals in every major location throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you rent or buy an RV, it's definitely a fun ride. You can travel at your own pace, feel closer to home and save money compared to hotel stays. But what is the better choice? Should you purchase a smaller RV that you can afford or rent a larger unit for a low monthly cost?

RV Motor Home Renting or Rentals Guide for Vacation, Retirement, or just Traveling.

This section of the web site was designed to help those that are new to RV life and travel and those that are seasoned veterans to make decisions about renting a travel vehicle. To the right, you will find links to other helpful articles that provide reviews of the various RV makes, models, and classes and what you should know about renting an RV wherever you are. Feel free to peruse the articles in the list and when you want more, fill out the “Keep Rolling Along” form above to stay apprised with new articles and newsletters.

Are You Experienced?

RV traveling is not like traveling down the freeway in your Chevy. It is a new challenge to safely haul around a 2000-pound (or more) trailer. If you are experienced in RV driving, and are looking to travel full time, then you might consider buying a trailer or motor home, since you can customize it according to your needs.

Vacation or Retirement?

Many people find that they don't use their RVs beyond vacation or camping time, particularly if they still own and frequent their house. For this reason, many choose to simply rent RVs for vacation travel or camping and save themselves a hefty payment for a product that just sits in a yard most of the year. That's provided you have a large yard, and don't have to pay a company extra for storage.

Where Will You Go?

Obviously, if you planned to travel the entire world, as opposed to just the North American continent, renting an RV would be more suitable rather than worrying about shipping cost. If you are planning to travel a lot, then remember that when you buy a motor home, the entire unit is only as good as its truck or van, since the trailer is constructed onto the chassis. Many buyers prefer to buy a luxury trailer and then tow it with a vehicle of their choice—one that can more easily be replaced.

What About the Price?

Sure enough, you can pay as low $300 a month for some RVs to rental companies, while others will charge as much as $1000 a week, depending on the unit and the duration. When considering price, be sure and pay what you are comfortable paying. Don't max out any credit cards or empty an entire bank account just to buy something you're not going to live in. A motor home rental or travel trailer may turn out to be the more economic option, when you consider all angles. Check out an RV rental guide for the best prices in RV rental, nationwide.