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Get hitched in Vegas!  To a Las Vegas RV rental that is.  It is known as Sin City, the entertainment capital of the world.  And it is one of the most populated and popular tourist attractions worldwide.  The many different sights and sounds may require some traveling.  But should you buy or rent an RV in Las Vegas?

Should I Rent an RV in Las Vegas and Cruise the Strip or Park it and Take A Cab in?

Vegas is a very crowded city-in fact, many people purposely stay off the streets during heavy tourism season, as well as weekends.  Rather than getting a Las Vegas RV rental to drive around in, you could rent one and park it somewhere nearby in Nevada, away from the action.  From there you can walk, take a cab or even a limo to the main hot spots in Vegas.  Should you buy an RV?  Do you really love Vegas that much that you would vacation there more than once a year for several months at a time?  If it's just a quick trip, say to have Elvis marry you, then a las vegas motorhome rental might be the best choice.

RV Manufacturers

Manufactures of travel trailers, campers and mobile homes target Las Vegas.  You can find new models from the most prominent RV companies in the world, such as Coachman, Fleetwood, Four Winds, Gulf Stream, Starcraft, Damon and Winnebago.  If you're looking for a better deal, then look for a used or pre-owned RV from the 90's for a major discount.

Las Vegas RV Rental Perks

Some Las Vegas RV rental locations have special deals for tourists.  They may provide discounts on propane, generators, many entertainment appliances and are devoid of additional fees.  Also keep in mind though, that when you arrive in heavy traffic seasons-spring and summer-that practically all prices go up.

Places To Park you Las Vegas RV Rental

Parking in Vegas will surely be a problem, or maybe a problem with just an expensive solution.  To save on rental fees, park your RV in a rural territory out of the way of the urban noise.  Another option is to park at a Las Vegas destination resort.  This is much more than just an RV park.  It gives you extra service, entertainment packages, free transportation to hot Vega spots and swimming pools.  It will cost you, but doesn't everything in Vegas?

The recommended choice according to this rental guide is to stay at an RV destination resort.  Vegas is a unique experience, and the less hassle you have in parking, the more time you will have to enjoy the attractions.