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Don't you wish they all could be California RVs?  California is the Golden State and the home of the some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.  Hollywood, Disney Land, Sequoia National Park, Universal Studios, Sea World, the list goes on and on.  But California is a large state, and getting around might be easier said than done.  An RV might be just what you need. 

What Would A Celebrity Do, Buy Or Rent?

California is host to many kinds of visitors all year round: young tourists visiting for spring break; beach enthusiasts, sportsmen, families looking for entertainment, and middle aged and older vacationers looking for something new.  California is a large state, so driving an RV to and from popular locations might be a good idea.  Of course, you might have to take a cab or walk to some destinations.  In deciding whether to rent or buy, consider how long you're expecting to stay and how often you will return.  If California is a once in a lifetime trip, then it might make more sense to go with an RV rental.

Manufacturers In California

Major manufacturers of trailers and motor homes are easily found in RV stores and lots all over the state. Late model Class A, Class B and Class C motor homes, along with luxury travel trailers and 5th wheels are available from top companies like Coachman, Fleetwood, Four Winds, Gulf Stream, Starcraft, Damon and Winnebago.  Contrary to popular belief, Winnebagos aren't the only mobile home around anymore.

Hot California Deals

There are plenty of RV rental companies in California in every major city, particularly the larger ones.  They offer perks on rental units, as well as discounts on purchases.  Prices can range anywhere from $300 a month for an inexpensive model to rent, to up to $300,000 for a good buy on a two level Class A motor home.

Places To Park

You can park your RV in a variety of friendly locations.  There are some spots in major cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Fransisco.  However, because of heavy traffic these cities might also be expensive.  Consider a smaller town, or better yet a camping ground somewhere in a remote location.  These areas are inexpensive in comparison to resorts or parks, and in some cases may be free.  Some California state parks also offer free or inexpensive RV parking.

California is too big to stay a week in a hotel!  Rent or buy an RV and come see the entire Golden State.