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Sometimes an RV or a rental car is just not enough and you need to find a boat rental or charter company that is really good. Sometimes you just want to get out in the middle of Lake Tahoe for some boating, fishing, surfing or water-skiing. But before you start splashing the summer away, make sure you follow five boat leasing and yacht rental tips that are bound to save your money and possibly your life.

1. Ask for a run-through.

When you rent a boat on Lake Tahoe, say a fishing boat, usually you will be shown how the boat works and rides. If not, be sure and ask for some personal directions! It is very different than operating a car or an RV. Even after you're convinced that you know how to do it, ask for a test run. Study up on the instructions and get hands on education, if at all possible.

2. Be sure you understand the laws and guidelines.

Usually you have a specific area of where you are allowed to operate the Lake Tahoe boat rental. Know where the limitations are and where you can go. Be sure to read any signs in addition to following Lake Tahoe boating directions.

3. Make sure you're covered by good insurance.

The last thing you need to worry about on your vacation is no boat rental insurance. If you accidentally destroy

Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals

some property or injure somebody, then that will be a major downer on your Lake Tahoe Boat rental experience and your vacation. Be sure and ask for insurance details if the subject never comes up when renting the boat on Lake Tahoe.

4.Wear safety gear for protection.

Before agreeing to a Lake Tahoe boat rental, wear all of the recommended safety gear. Usually this includes life jackets for everyone on board, some kin of whistle or horn for emergencies, flares for both day and night, and throw things for as many people as are on board and a fire extinguisher.

5.Keep your eyes open!

Sometimes it's hard to concentrate when you're having fun. But it's important to be very cautious and observant at all times when operating a boat. Many people speed unnecessarily or ignore the fact that other people are boating on Lake Tahoe. Remember, there are turn signals or red lights on the water. You have to be mindful of other watercrafts, swimmers, skiers-and of course, mindful of their possible negligence to avoid an accident.

Have fun and bring the Lake Tahoe boat rental back just the way you found it for the most peaceful results!