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RV Rentals BC Canada VacationBC (British Columbia) Canada is a great place to vacation and to rent an RV! Theme parks, lakes, camping, fishing and boating are just some of the reasons to go up to the great northwest for your next getaway. But how should you go? Should you buy a plane ticket? Buy a complete vacation package or rent a car? Have you ever thought about renting an RV? Consider four good reasons why renting an RV for your motorhome vacation in BC Canada is a fun and economic idea.

1.A pleasant drive.

Whether your driving from your home state into Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, or Whistler, or taking a plane halfway to your destination, spending the trip in an RV is a breeze. It's a nice pleasant drive with plenty of scenery. Don't feel like driving all the way across country? Why not take a plane to Ontario and then rent an RV for camping in Vancouver? No matter how long your drive is, in an RV it will be pleasant.

2.Cheaper than a hotel.

Renting an RV in BC can be much cheaper! Hotels can cost upwards of $200.00 a night, in addition to expected tips and any parking fees. An RV saves you lots of money in this regard; you have your own room, safe parking and no one to tip but your spouse. All you have to pay for is RV parking.

3.You can still get the first class treatment.

Do you miss the first class life of a hotel resort? Then check into a vacation destination British Columbia RV resort, which lets you sleep in your RV, but also provides room service, entertainment packages (like golf, skiing and other sports) and comfortable amenities like swimming pools and spas. It's still cheaper than paying for a hotel and you can live like a king.

4.Camping in BC Canada is much better in an RV.

Do you love camping in Canada? British Columbia offers some very nice campgrounds for nature lovers and family hikes. Bringing an RV camping in BC can only enhance your comfortable rendezvous with the woods. An RV provides security, comfort and emergency supplies (like coffee!) that a simple tent and rental car can't provide.

BC Canada is a great place for a vacation, particularly if you spend those long drives out in the northern terrain with a motor home or travel trailer. Consult a rental guide for more information about RV rentals in BC Canada and for long term drives from the states into Canadian provinces.