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RV Rentals In Michigan
Michigan is a popular state in which to take a vacation.  It is high on tourism, thanks to attractions such as its lakes, amusement parks, breitling transocean replica watches (Kellogg's Cereal City among others), casinos, historic sites, museums and wineries.   Unlike other hot tourist spots like Vegas and California, Michigan is not overly crowded and also has peaceful weather. 

One Way RV Rentals
One way rv rentals are very convenient and popular.  Whether you're traveling a short distance such as Kansas City MI to St. Paul Minnesota or on longer trips from New York city to Los Angeles. You can pick up your motorhome at your starting location and drop it off at your destination at the end of your excursion.

To Buy Or To Rent?
Deciding on whether to rent or buy an RV in Michigan is a decision that mainly depends upon time.  How long do you plan on staying?  If your vacation in Michigan is just a brief visit, then buying a motor home that you won't use very often may be a waste of money.  A One Way RV Rental would be ideal because of the convenience of not having to bring it back to your starting destination.  You could fly back quickly and spend more time traveling to a further destination rather than driving back.  On the other hand, if you love Michigan so much that you could see yourself visiting once a year, then buying an RV might be the more economical choice. 

Manufacturers Of RVs
Michigan RV dealers offer models from all the major motor home and travel trailer companies, including Coachman, Fleetwood, Four Winds, Gulf Stream, Starcraft, Damon and the well-known Winnebago.  Late models RVs, with added luxuries, tend to be pricier in both buying and renting.  A purchase can be as much as $300,000, while a rental can easily be a $1000.00 a month.  Look for companies that advertise low rates-some have reportedly offered payments as low as $400.00 a month.

Places To Park
There are many places to park in Michigan.  The first and arguably most convenient choice is that of a trailer park.  Some trailer parks offer complimentary services in addition to rental space.  Another option would be boondocking in a remote location, away from the traffic.  This allows you inexpensive and at times, even free parking, as opposed to renting in highly populated Urban areas.  There are high priced RV destination resorts, which not only allow you plenty of space but also many entertainment or sports packages.  Finally, consider the option of renting space in a state park-which could be inexpensive or even free in some cases.

Michigan Rentals
Many rental companies cater exclusively to Michigan and other Northern states and cities such as HallMacRVRentals.com, RanchRV.com, WmiChalsRV.com.  For the best results, pick up a Michigan rental guide, either in print or online to compare prices or save.