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Everything is big in Texas.  The RVs are big, and honestly, the prices can be huge.  Buying a new Class A luxury RV can cost over $300,000!  This is why many people have decided to rent an RV, particularly if they want to visit tourist cities in Texas, like Galveston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Do Cowboys Own Or Rent?
Cowboys usually own, but old-fashioned cowboys aren't about to overpay for something they hardly use.    That's why many tourists would rather rent an RV for a few hundred dollars a month, and save themselves a quarter of a million dollar headache.  Buying an RV is commended if you constantly travel or if you're planning to stay in Texas for over six months.  Nobody wants to pay a hotel bill for over 180 days!  Whether to buy or to rent largely depends upon the duration of the visit and the experience of the traveler.

Companies In Texas
There are plenty of companies in Texas that deal with top RV manufacturers like Winnebago, Damon, Four Winds and others.  Many RV stores cater to Texas territory such as TxRVRent.com, AllAcrossTexas.com, and JsRVRental.com.  Texas is such a large state, some companies only cover the bottom half, others the mid to northern parts.  There are also some national companies with a strong web presence that can put you in touch with RV dealers in various Texas cities.

Places To Park
Consult a Texas RV rental guide for the best deals in RV rental as well as parking spots.  While many people rent parking inside parks and RV resorts, others prefer to boondock; that is to park their RV out in a remote, rural location for very inexpensive and often times free space.  Texas is also ideal for camping, and choosing a popular camping location is a good compromise between a safe urban area and inexpensive rural land.  Lastly, look into staying at state parks in Texas.  These sites too may be inexpensive or even free to park your motor home.

Even if you are looking to buy a motor home or travel trailer, don't lose hope just because some prices are out of your league.  Some RV dealers offer huge savings on quality pre-owned or new RVs, in some cases less than $10,000.  Discounts in Texas can be just as big as everything else.