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The Best RV And Motor Home Model Review

RV, Motor Home and Conversion Van Model Reviews

Are you still confused about what you should buy for your vacation? Or even better, your travel vehicle is now your new full time home. Then let this brief article be your ultimate travel guide for your future RV. (Or research it carefully by comparing many different sources--it's up to you).

This article will offer RV Motor Home Reviews for Comparing New Makes, Models, and the various different Classes of RVs.

This section of the web site was designed to help those that are new to RV life and travel and those that are seasoned veterans to make purchasing decisions. To the right, you will find links to other helpful articles that provide reviews of the various RV makes, models, and classes. Feel free to peruse the articles in the list and when you want more, fill out the “Keep Rolling Along” form above to stay apprised with new articles and newsletters.

1.Luxury Motor Home (Fleetwood)

There are a lot of companies that make luxury motor homes but it's hard to find one that compares with Fleetwood's line up. From the Discovery to the The American Eagle, these luxury vehicles are more comparable to five star hotel rooms. It just so happens they're mobile too.

2.Class A Motor Homes (Winnebago)

For some 40 years, Winnebago has produced innovative and top-selling Class A motor homes—the industry standard. Winnebago's line, including the Vectra and Horizon models, are not quite luxurious but are a fair price—meaning they look like your real home, not a New York hotel room.

3.Travel Trailers (StarCraft)

If you're looking to tow your home around in your own chosen truck or van, then look no further than a StarCraft travel trailer or camper. The company exclusively deals in trailers, forgoing over-expensive motor homes, and has found a way to make their products competitive. Their trailers are lightweight, filled with accessories (including plumbing and electrical systems) and for a reasonable price.

4.Conversion Vans

Let's see how about...uh...no. Actually, conversion vans are probably the worst you can do. Sure, they sound like a good deal. You get a compact motor home for the price of a small trailer. The problem is, these conversion vans are cheaply made and are not tested for safety or quality. They're either assembled by Auto company-approved converters who only care about quotas, or by unapproved converters who might be found in your local neighborhood garage. The best deal if you want a small motor home is to buy an official Class B camper van. Top manufacturers create these van-sized motor homes and actually test them for quality and safety. A quality Manufacturer is one like Gulf Stream, Coach House and Winnebago. Trust them above well-known auto dealerships—at least when it comes to camper vans.

There you have it. Now do a little more research, save your money and enjoy your new RV!