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Fleetwood Enterprises not only produces motor homes, they also produce manufactured homes, campers, travel trailers and more. The company was founded in 1950 and had their initial public offering in 1965. Now a fortune 500 company, Fleetwood RVs continues to produce innovative and affordable products for all kinds of travelers. While the headquarters is in Riverside, California, there is also a Fleetwood Motor Homes for Canada.

Class A Motor Homes

Among their most popular Class A motor homes are the Discovery, Providence and Excursion series. Fleetwood motorhomes are pricey but well worth it, fully celine bags  loaded with features. The Discovery series has ceiling 84 inches high, captain's chairs and recliners, dual roof-mounted high efficiency air conditioning, with solar panel and chill grill, a DVD home theater with surround speakers, sun visors, complete plumbing and electrical system and much more. Options on the Class A vehicles are also customizable; you can get full wall-slide technology as well as a Gas or Diesel engine.

Luxury Coaches

Then just in case the $200,000 priced Discovery series isn't flashy enough for you, there's the American Heritage Line, the American Eagle and the American Tradition. Like the Discovery series, the interior is loaded with a refrigerator and ice maker, a high definition plasma monitor, adjustable brake and throttle pedals, adjustable shelves, memory pods to customize your settings, power seats that have heat, massage and recline features, a

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solar charging system, cable ready TV and so much more. It's not only bringing your home with you-it's bringing most of your luxury vacation home with you on the road. Prices can approach $600,000 depending on your selected options. (After all, you want to frugal when buying a million dollar luxury coach, right?)


More Affordable Units

But Fleetwood RVs isn't just in the luxury business. There are also gas motor homes such as the Flair, Storm, Terra and Pace Arrow series. Despite being far less expensive than the luxury models they still manage to make the motor home spacious enough for a complete workstation area. There are also mini motor homes such as the Tioga and Jamboree GTX series.

Travel Trailers

For the family that can't quite afford to spend over one hundred grand, Fleetwood RVs offers very affordable travel trailers. The Fleetwood Orbit travel  for example is modestly priced at $18,000.

The website at Fleetwood RVs .com gives not only specific measurements and price quotes, it also provides numerous interior and exterior photos and virtual tours.