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Damon was actually purchased by Thor, the leader and giant-killer (or should we say buyer) in the RV industry. Damon still manufacturers RVs, Class omega replica watches  A motor homes, Class C motor homes, 5th wheel rv's and diesel pushers.

Types Of Damon Motor Homes


Top selling Damon Class A model cartier watches replica series include Daybreak, Challenger, Intruder, Ultrasport and Escaper. Class C models are similarly named but are smaller units overall. The Tuscany line is a diesel motor home that is luxurious and built for maximum performance. The Astoria is likewise a luxury vehicle and features a beautiful and exquisitely designed interior with lots of space and extras.  Damon only manufactures complete Class A or Class C motor homes, which means no Class B RV's are available from them.

Damon RV Website

The Damon Motor Homes website Damonrv.com is difficult to find, harder to navigate through and lacks a lot of specific product information. However, it does offer a virtual 360-degree tour of the motor homes. Unique aspects of the site include the construction tab, a page that lets you view the naked RV-from the chassis to the roof to the type of wood used for the flooring. The best feature of all is that Damon is upfront about their prices. The Tuscany series prices about $200,000 and the Astoria slightly less, at $170,000. The Daybreak Class A series is the most affordable listed on the web page at $74,000. While not a luxury vehicle, the Daybreak is a Class A motor home (the industry standard) and features a beautiful interior, as well as a complete plumbing and electrical system.

Deciding Between A Motor Home And A Trailer

Buying a motor home is a risk-particularly if you buy a pre-owned or used one. The whole unit lives or dies by the truck. With  RV travel trailers, you can always replace the truck or van with no hassle. However, one final note to regard: if you buy a luxury model or even a Class A Replica Breitling Watches motor home, you won't have to worry about the truck breaking down for a long while. They are the best engines in the industry and can drive on for thousands and thousands of miles.