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Since 1964, Coachman has been producing  quality trailer and motor homes products.  The company was founded by three brothers and from humble beginnings has grown to one of the largest RV manufacturers in the world.  The first production year included 12 trailers, a single truck camper and 80 caps.  How far has the company come?  Now nearly 600,000 RVs of all shapes and designs have been made.  The company stock has been open to the public since 1969 and in frequently mentioned in Fortune 500 magazine.

Coachman Motor Homes

Class A motor homes include the Epic, the Aurora and Mirada.  The Epic features 6 different floor plans, all-powerful Ford motor chassis' with engines from V8 to V10.  The Aurora is similarly designed and can be easily custom designed to fits its high paying buyer's needs.  The Mirada is a beautifully decorated Class A motor home, with much the same features as the Epic and Aurora, but a smaller vehicle overall.

The Interior Of A Coachman  

Exquisite in terms of décor and the latest technology, the Class A models each feature luxurious homes with extravagant bathrooms, dining tables, full bedrooms with king or queen baume & mercier replica sized beds, living rooms with lounge and swivel chairs.  Along with a nearly flawless plumbing and electrical system, renting or buying a Coachman is much like taking a five star hotel room with you.  Class C trailers are equally impressive inside, with clean and elegant furnishings and a large bathroom area with a shower you can actually move around in.  Popular brands include the Leprechaun, the Freelander, the Freedom and Concord.

Coachman Trailers

5th wheels as well as travel trailers can be towed by any truck or van.  Trailer models are also luxurious and can be just as pricey as the motor homes—minus the cost of the vehicle.  (Which is equally fifty grand) Models include the Somerset FW, Chaparral FW and TT, Spirit Of American, Captiva, Capri and Adrenaline.  Though a moderately sized vehicle on the outside, these trailers and 5th wheels are spacious and lovingly detailed on the side, from swivel chairs in front of the side window to the high quality mattress and sheet coverings.

For more details and a complete virtual online tour of all their new models, go to CoachmenRV.com.