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The Famous Winnebago RV

Remember not too long about where if a fellow said he was going for a ride in the old Winnebago, everybody knew he was talking about a motor home? Celine Replica Handbags The name Winnebago was synonymous with motor homes because the company had a grip on the motor home market.  Years later, Winnebago is still a top company in the RV business and the name is still synonymous with motor homes—even though now everybody knows there's heavy competition.

Winnebago History

In 1958 a few businessmen founded Winnebago, bold enough to try and open a travel trailer factory in a city that was becoming drearily urbanized.  While success didn't come overnight, after a period of time the company proved to be profitable.  Winnebago also manufactured furniture to go along with its travel trailers.  In 1963 prada handbags replica Winnebago created the Thermo-Panel construction process which provided a strong wall with insulation, and yet one that was lightweight.  The first motor home was released in 1966.  The Itasca line of Winnebago products was introduced ten years later and the company reached a record 100,000 products.  Winnebago no longer produces travel trailers, but  innovative designs in Class A and Class C motor homes.

Winnebago Products

Class C motor homes include the View, Aspect, Access and Outlook series.  Class A models include the Sightseer, the Voyage, Adventurer, Journey, Tour, and Vectra series.  The Itasca series include Handbags Replica Fendi model series: the Horizon, the Ellipse, Meridian, and Sun Cruiser.  In terms of luxury the Itasca line matches the Winnebago line fairly well, the Vectra and Horizon series being the most expensive.  Class C models are lower in price, yet not cheap.  The least expensive model is usually over $60,000.  However, even the Class C models Longines Replica Watches approach the Class A in terms of elaborate and luxurious interiors.

The Winnebago Website

The site is found at Winnebagoind.com.  While it does give direct price quotes and features virtual tours of the vehicles, along with specific information, it is on gallery photographs.  Winnebago has been manufacturing motor homes for forty years.  In 1986 it celebrated its 20th anniversary of manufacturing motor homes; now in 2006, twenty more years of success have followed.