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Coachmen Trailers Reviewed By A Full Time RVer

I'm a retired auto dealer and am currently a full time RVer. I know some old friends of mine a few years younger than me are always jealous when I tell them I'm planning on taking a summer vacation. They say, vacation from what? You just travel state-to-state buying souvenirs and sampling fine wine! Your whole life is a vacation!

Coachman Motorhomes - Retirement In Style

But hey, I earned it. I sold cars for 25 years and I think retirement suits me just fine. I bought a motor home three years ago thinking I could use it for camping. Turns out I liked the model so much I just started living in it full time. I had a home back in California that I kept for a few years, but I was so excited to be traveling with my wife, I hardly ever used it and usually just rented it to perfect strangers. I finally decided to sell my house and buy another RV. This time I bought a Class A Coachman Epic.

Class A Coachman Epic RV

You should see this thing! It's built on a Ford workhorse chassis and has a V10 6.8 liter engine. It has every single thing in it that I used to miss from home. Two levels, a full bedroom, a marble bathtub, a complete kitchen and oven, a complete electrical system with satellite TV, phone and cable jacks and a wireless Internet connection. If that's not enough, it has more security systems that I even know how to work. An LP leak alarm, Carbon Monoxide detector, smoke alarm and safety glass windows. I told my wife one morning, let's go travel the world! We got all we need right here in my motor home. We might as well make the best of retirement and go out and see all the national parks of the United States. She said, well, as long as I don't have to clean up the sewer tanks, I'm in. We sold our home in Bakersfield and the rest is history.

Is Retirement Boring?

Now my life consists of renting space in a nice RV park in North Carolina for the time family reunions come along and then traveling the United States of America, state to state, from Florida to Colorado and back to Texas, looking for new resorts, national parks and camping sites. I save money on hotel stays and best of all; I don't have to tip anybody.

Funny thing. My buddies used to tease me all the time about hitting retirement age. Now I'm living it up in an RV and they're still working nine to five. I guess my 2005 Coachman and I got the last laugh.

A Prolific Company

Coachmen Industries, Inc. makes trailers, campers, RV's, motorhomes in addition to what they do in their modular homes divisions, Mod-U-Kraf and All American Homes.  Their mission is to provide housing, whether or not it is permanent or able to travel, single family or multi-family. Their Web site, coachmen rv.com provides model information and offers a feature to help you locate Coachmen dealers near you.