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Satellite TV Antenna or Portable Satellite TV Antenna in Your RV

How often have you been camping and have wished you could check your email or browse the Internet, or catch your favorite program on television? Of course being out in the woods or mountains makes it tough, but you can get a satellite dish, tripod, and whatever else you need to stay in touch wherever you are.
There are of course many RVs today that have a satellite dish already installed, but there are some considerations in this regard. One thing is that you may not want to drive a big RV or may already own one without a satellite installed. In cases like these, you can easily get a satellite dish tripod and a portable satellite dish to hook up wherever you are.
You can also get a portable satellite dish, tripod, and everything else you need to take with you when tent camping. These fold up very conveniently and are easy to store in the trunk when not in use.
When Choosing a Satellite Dish Tripod
If you haven't shopped for this type of tripod before, what should you choose? What are your options? One thing you need to consider is the weight of your satellite dish. There are some tripods that are specifically categorized as heavy duty, and if your dish is a large one then that's what you'll need. If you want to keep your satellite dish tripod mobile, you'll need a smaller and lightweight one.
Remember too that you'll need some accessories for your satellite dish tripod. These may include:
o       A compass to make sure your satellite dish is pointed in the right direction.
o       An additional level or two, which is especially good for the smaller and lighter satellite dish tripods. An extra level will make sure your dish doesn't tip over.
o       A signal finder, which is typically used when you're in very rural areas.
Having a satellite dish tripod with a portable satellite dish can keep you in touch while camping and help you to really enjoy your time outdoors as well.
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