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Finding Satellite TV Providers and the Best Satellite TV Providers

Believe it or not, it can be more difficult to work with satellite TV providers when you're in your RV than when you're at home. This is because providers have strict contracts with networks as to how their customers will receive signals and how they will be paid. When you use satellite TV in your RV, you are moving around and so getting different signals from different packages. Those satellite TV providers may not be compensated properly in these cases and so they may have many restrictions about what you can and cannot do.
Expect Additional Charges
When you use satellite TV providers for your RV, you can expect extra charges. You'll need an additional receiver for hookup and this usually means additional charges from your network.
Using a second dish for network signals may also mean additional charges by satellite TV providers. They have the right to impose these charges because you are receiving signals twice as much as you would normally with just a home dish. 
Choosing a Provider
When you're ready to choose from satellite TV providers, how do you make your decision? This will be up to you but it's important that you opt for one that is specifically set up for RVs. This is because you will need to sign a waiver that states which package you are receiving and you may receive only that particular package when on the road.
DIRECTV, Dish Network, and most other satellite TV providers have packages for RV users. You would simply need to go through the options and find the one that works best for you; typically you need to select from an east coast or a west coast package, and this will no doubt depend upon the area in which you camp the most.
And remember when you are working with satellite TV providers that you need to tell them that you're an RV user. Very often they have special programming and other elements to their programming that are specific for those in an RV, so be sure to note that if you ever need to call for service or any other reason.
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