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A Satellite TV Receiver or Dish Satellite TV Receiver for the RV

When camping or in your RV, do you hate missing your favorite TV shows or the big game? If so, you can use a satellite TV receiver to get satellite signals and never miss another program! There are some important considerations for doing this; let's cover them here.
Getting Service
Your satellite TV receiver means nothing without a satellite dish and subscription service. You need to the service in order for your dish to receive the satellite signals, and the receiver takes those signals from the dish and translates them so they show up on your television screen.
There are two major companies today that provide satellite TV service; DIRECTV and Dish Network. You'll need to contact one of them and decide upon a package for yourself, and be sure to tell them that it's for an RV as this service is somewhat different. They will then send the dish and the satellite TV receiver to you, or you can use a portable satellite dish when in your RV as well.
Getting Connected
Your satellite dish will receive those signals from the satellite TV provider; from there you'll need a coaxial cable to bring the signals from the dish to your television. This works much like cable; the signals go to your cable box and the box needs another cable to be hooked up to your television.
If you use a portable satellite dish for an RV, you'll need to make sure it stays steady and protected. Most use a tripod to keep it level. You'll also need to make sure the cable from the satellite dish to your satellite TV receiver is also protected, which can be a challenge when camping! 
Some have a permanent satellite dish in their RV and it's good to have a professional install all the equipment, in order to protect your satellite system and your RV itself. You need to make sure the satellite dish for your RV is protected from the elements and installed properly so that it never breaks away or does damage to the RV.
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