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Sierra Designs Tents

Tent Models for Campers, Backpackers and Mountaineers

            Sierra Designs began in 1965 with a plan to design equipment for outdoor lovers that not only allows them to experience the wilderness, but that actually enhances that experience. They have succeeded to the point where Sierra Designs tents are highly regarded among campers, backpackers, and mountaineers. In addition to the company’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of having one of their products owned by every outdoor enthusiast, they also strive to make products that are innovative and environmentally friendly both in their use and their manufacturing.
Tent Categories
            Sierra Designs tents are organized into four categories: 4-season, ultralight, 3-season, and base camp. The 4-season group includes tents designed to withstand high winds and shed snow. For backpacking and trekking there are 12 ultralight tents that sleep one, two, or three people, including three bivy sacks. Three-season tents range in size from one to four campers, with five models available. Base camp tents are larger, sleeping four to six, although the new Wu Hu models also have an annex available to add space for two more.
Innovative Features
            Sierra Designs tents are among the most innovative on the market. The company holds the patent on a device called Jake’s Corner that attaches to poles at ground level to provide greater stability in high winds. There’s also Jake’s Foot, which holds pole ends in place more securely than the usual grommet. Color-coded fly attachments eliminate confusion when setting up a tent, and a number of pole hubs and connectors allow configurations unique to Sierra Designs tents.
            In addition to their tents, Sierra Designs also makes a variety of accessories to go along with them. Reflective guy lines mean less tripping over them in the dark, and grip clips allow guyout points anywhere on the tent. Snow and sand stakes are actually sacks to fill with sand, snow, or rocks to hold the tent in place where regular stakes don’t work. Organizing gear is easy with a portable attic or the Night Glow attic which includes LED bulbs. There’s even a coffee sling, made from leftover tent fabric scraps, that attaches to interior gear loops.
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