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Virtual Administrative Assistants Travel and Make Money

What Is A Virtual Assistant?
A virtual personal assistant is a comparatively new addition to the business world. They can be paid hourly or per job, and for clients needing large amounts of work recurrently, a monthly fee is not unusual. Professional Virtual assistants are usually very skilled and dependable, and a good one will only take on as many clients as he or she can realistically handle.

What Types Of Things Can A VA Do?
1. A virtual assistant can schedule engagements and deal with a client’s calendar; to help the client stay organized each day.
2. They can also make calls, take messages, and manage clients’ emails.
3. VA’s can help with marketing support, to increase the client’s customers and free up valuable time.
4. A lot of virtual office assistants focus on web design and search engine optimization.
5. Proofing, editing, typing and desktop publishing can all be done by a VA.
6. They can also handle bookkeeping, bills and accounts payable.
7. Some even provide event-planning services, and can book training seminars, office parties, etc.

Can A Virtual Assistant Work From An RV?
Just a few years ago finding a park that offered a phone line for a laptop Internet connection was difficult. Now, with the advent of wireless Internet with connection speeds ten times that of a phone line, it is much easier to start your own business right from your RV.

What Can VA’s Earn?
Annual earnings differ depending on the field and the hours the assistant works each month. People who handle common office functions typically charge in the $20 to $50 per hour range. Those who do more specialized work – programming, legal assistance, graphic design or coaching, for example, may charge between $75 and $125 per hour.

The drift toward home-based business is opening doors for entrepreneurial-minded administrative support experts, as “big business” continues to downsize. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics 1998-1999 Occupational Outlook Handbook foresaw this, and said, “Employment of secretaries who do not specialize in medical or legal work – about 7 out of 8 – is expected to decline due to the widespread application of new office automation.”

To Succeed in this Area you will Likely Need:

  • Computer and office skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Willingness to look for assignments until you establish yourself
  • Interpersonal skills

As a virtual secretary, your office is wherever you are. You have to have the discipline and you have to make your office a selected workspace if you want to make it work – even if it’s in your RV’s kitchen. You can rent a post office box, or you can use a commercial mail receiving agency mailbox service that gives you a corporate-sounding address and a suite number.

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