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Hammock Stands - Is Steel or Wood Best for You

Should you buy a Steel or Cypress Hammock Stand?

What if you love the idea of lazing away your summer afternoons in a hammock but you don’t have any place to hang one? The trees in your yard are too far apart or too close together or, worse yet, you don’t have any trees at all. Maybe you don’t even have a yard. Can you put a hammock on your balcony or deck? The solution to your problem is a hammock stand. Read on to find out more about them.

Tips for Buying A Hammock Stand
Does your hammock have spreader bars or not? The answer to this question will determine to some extent your choice of a stand for it. Spreader bars are the wooden bars at both ends of some hammocks, and most hammock stands are made for either hammocks with them or hammocks without them. The next step is deciding on a steel, stainless steel, or wooden stand. Steel/stainless steel hammock stands cost less, weigh less, and require little maintenance, especially the stainless steel variety. Wood stands tend to be less portable and more expensive, and may need annual upkeep.

Steel Hammock Stands
You may be familiar with the classic steel hammock stand design; it features a long bar across the bottom with angled bars at each end that hold the hammock. These stands come in a number of colors and finishes, including faux wood, and are easy to find at department, outdoor furniture, and sporting goods stores. A couple of variations on the basic design are also available, including a stand with a double set of bars for added stability and a new version that features one long bar that is bent in a graceful arc instead of the traditional three-bar style.

Wooden Hammock Stands
Wood hammock stands lend a natural ambience to your deck, patio, or yard. The most popular models are made of long-lasting cypress wood which maintains its beauty and requires little upkeep. Look for stands that include rust-resistant metal fittings for even more durability. Most wood hammock stands are shaped in an arc, although the more angular style is also available. For a different look, try the innovative bowed stand that arcs above the hammock.

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