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Best RV Insurance Companies - How to Find the Right Coverage - How to Find a Good Agency


            Insuring your RV is pretty much like insuring your car or home-you want the most coverage for the least amount of money.  Sometimes you might also consider customer service as the deciding factor.  But how do you find the best RV insurance?  The only way you can be sure you've chosen wisely is through the old tried-and-true method of comparison shopping. 

Getting Started

            The first step is to outline exactly what you want to cover.  You need to know your RV's make, model, year, class, purchase price, and replacement cost.  The state where your RV is registered can make a difference in insurance, too.  If you're a full-timer check insurance rates and requirements for a few states before selecting one to be your home base.  You also need to decide on what kind of coverage you want.  Do you want to insure your RV for total loss replacement or just for its current market value?  Are you a full-timer or does your RV spend most of the year in storage?  It's also a good idea to know just how much you can afford to pay for RV insurance.

Shopping Around

            Before you really begin shopping for the best RV insurance make sure you understand all the terms, such as total loss replacement and vacation liability.  Comparing insurance rates from several companies is easier than ever before if you use the Internet to get your quotes.  This method is great as long as you know what you need; just be sure you put in the same information for each quote.  However, if you have questions you'll probably want to speak to an independent agent that specializes in RV insurance.  Here you'll get the answers you need with less pressure to buy, plus if the agent represents several insurance companies you can get an instant policy comparison. 

Resisting Sales Pressure

            Here's where knowing what you can afford comes in really handy.  If the premiums for total loss replacement are just too high, don't let the agent or salesperson talk you into it.  Compare rates by shopping around online but make sure your requirements are listed in the policy coverage when getting quotes on premiums. If losing some of your personal property doesn't matter, stick with the level of coverage you want.  You can walk away with the best RV insurance for your situation without feeling like you've been robbed.
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